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Our spinach and lettuce salad, served with pine nuts, dried figs, goat cheese and grape molasses dressing

The summer salad is as refreshing as they get! Consisting of curly lettuce, radishes, pistachios, rocket and goat cheese


Parsley dip salad, a recipe from the island of Syros, just perfect for a starter dish

Our renown fennel croquettes are an appetiser from fennel collected locally


Stuffed peppers with bulgur wheat, a creation of our own, using a super food ingredient that has been forgotten for a while

Oven backed mushrooms with sage. Locally grown mushrooms and sage, very simply cooked, very nicely put

The monk from Naxos, our top signature dish deriving from the island of Naxos, ensures the perfect taste experience. Consists of aubergine, goat cheese, beef, gruyere and tomato


We cook the octopus in the oven with wine potatoes and peppers. There is just no better way to enjoy a delicious and tender octopus dish

Octopus cooked in tomato sauce and served with fava pure, a recipe from Santorini that combines two ingredients that will make your taste buds explode!



Summer Season

Monday to Sunday

11:00am - 11:30pm

tel:+30 22840 24974


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